True Focus Engineering LLC      Neil Vanasse

       Specializing in:

-         Optical Engineering

-         Mechanical Engineering



True Focus Engineering is a design consultant firm solely owned and operated by Neil Vanasse. 


We specialize in:


·        Optical Engineering, Laser Design, and Beam Propagation

·        Opto-Mechanical Packaging

·        Mechanical Analysis and Design


Free Downloads:


·        Mil-Spec Fasteners for Design Engineers

·        Coming soon, Solidworks CAD files for fasteners!

·        Coming soon, LabView programming tips!


Why hire True Focus Engineering for your “Engineering Design” needs?


The best reason to do business with True Focus Engineering is our efficiency at design projects!  The engineering and design industry has become very competitive in the last decade!  Regardless of your requirements and design specifications, True Focus Engineering will apply the most efficient engineering design practice to your project.  Our experience comes from decades of design for military and aerospace programs.  Today, True Focus Engineering is able to transition this experience to commercial markets.   This enables privately owned companies to benefit from knowledge originally funded by government programs.  This transition of knowledge along with a deep understanding of what our customers need is why we are the best at what we do. 


True Focus Engineering is most specialized at supporting ANY project related to:


·        Military and Aerospace industries including manned space flight

·        Commercial and Private industries looking for efficient design support

·        Any project seeking to Fast-Track an idea to production








INTERFEROMETER, Self-Referencing for Laser Development